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Spanish Immersion

Welcome to Two-Way Spanish/English Immersion at Fiesta Gardens! We provide an exciting academically challenging program for children.

Fiesta Gardens International School (FGIS) is a magnet school dedicated to promoting fluency, literacy and academic excellence in both Spanish and English. We have a mission to develop the capacity and love for learning in all students. We do this by:

  • Nurturing creativity, critical thinking skills and social skills
  • Enabling each individual ability, self-esteem, adaptability and character
  • Inspiring responsible citizenship and global understanding
  • Expecting quality work from both children and adults

We accomplish this mission through participation in a rigorous thought provoking and challenging curriculum presented through a global perspective.

We teach the CA State standards, just like all public schools in California. We just teach some of the subjects in Spanish. We look forward to your participation in our program and welcome you to our school!



Since Spanish is our target language, students receive the majority of their schooling in Spanish. Each year, the percentage of Spanish is reduced as English curriculum is increased. Refer to the chart for the percentages of English and Spanish.


Grade Spanish Percentage English Percentage
K 90% 10%
1 90% 10%
2 80% 20%
3 70% 30%
4 60% 40%
5 50% 50%
First page of the PDF file: Kinderrecruit_tourflyer2019